Hotel Artemis (2018)


Title –  Hotel Artemis       (2018)


The Percentages:

Cyberpunk-                                                                   100%

Biopunk –                                                                        0

SolarPunk-                                                                     0

Post Apocalyptic-                                                          0

SciFi-                                                                               0


My Rating –      6/10

My take away thoughts :

I really enjoyed the whole premise of the movie. A hotel that only caters to the criminal element and even then only ones who pay their dues and remember the rules. It reminded me a little bit of the continental from the John Wick series except grittier and the service wasn’t anywhere near as good.

What makes it Cyberpunk? :

A criminal underworld that controls more than the government and with the world outside the hotel falling apart it really said something. The hotel is a self-service medical station that heals with machinery and nanites. It is sci-fi for sure but it is a single location that could fit into any cyberpunk movie or game with zero modification.


Why did I rate it like that? 

Well, I rated it 6 out of 10 because it is very watchable. It is, however, sort of a small scale story and the characters are 2 dimensional.




Repo men (2010)


Repo Men  (2010)

Cyberpunk % – 100%

My Rating –        7/10

Jude Law and Forres Whitaker are not your typical repo men, they are out to repo cybernetic organs and body parts.  Now this can obviously result in the death of whomever they are taking them back from, so basically they are part detective part hitman.  So after a repo goes wrong Jude Law’s character has to get an organ from the same company he works for and soon enough he can’t afford payments.

He would have been done for if it wasn’t for a repo that helps him avoid repossession.

It’s a different sort of story that is absolutely worth the watch.

Dredd (2012)


Dredd (2012)

Cyberpunk % – 90%

Biopunk % –     10%

My Rating –      7/10


Dredd is the most recent incarnation of Judge Dredd, and in my personal opinion, it was the best incarnation so far.  A Megacity and a government that is all powerful. Most of the most takes place inside a single city block of housing.

Now you might be wondering where the biopunk aspect comes in. Well, that would come into play with the genetic modification to produce Judge Anderson with her psychic abilities. Now in Judge Dredd, they made Dredd some sort of genetic petri dish from a bunch of other judges and it goes into a whole cloning aspect with Judge Rico that thankfully doesn’t show it’s face in this movie.

Akira (1988)


Akira (1988)

Cyberpunk % – 50%

Biopunk % – 50%

My Rating – 6/10

Akira is iconic in cyberpunk genre, set in a futuristic Neo-Tokoyo a fledgling motorcycle gang member becoming a raging psychic who threatens to destroy the whole city.

Now this to me is more biopunk than cyberpunk, but biopunk didn’t exist back when this was made. So it has to fall on the 50/50 line.

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)


Johnny Mnemonic

Cyberpunk Percentage- 100%

My Rating – 7/10


Written by William Gibson this is an expansion of his short story about the same character. Let me tell you this is a wild ride. Keanu Reeves (Pre Matrix) has too much data locked away in his head and no way to get it out. Who put it there? Why The Yakuza of course because if you are in Newark New Jersey, of course, it will be the Yakuza.

This movie has a ton of amazing stuff, Henry Rollins as a cybernetic psychopathic Jesus. A talking cybernetic Dolphin. Ice T with an anarchy symbol on his forehead (Pre Law and Order) It’s a wild ride and you should absolutely check it out.

Babylon A.D. (2008)


Babylon A.D. (2008)


Cyberpunk Percentage – 90%

Biopunk Percentage – 10%

My Rating – 7/10

Streamable? – Not currently that I am aware of

This movie didn’t really get much attention. It wasn’t a big budget and although it had action in it, it wasn’t really an action movie.


It has a lot of weirdness going on for it. It is what I would imagine a Solo Shadowrun campaign would be like in movie form. The Biopunk aspect isn’t evident until the end but it is there.


It’s based on a French Book called Babylon Babies that I happened to enjoy very much

Automata (2014)



Cyberpunk Percentage – 100%

My Rating – 6/10

Streamable? – Netflix

So I really liked Automata, and to be honest it’s one of the closest to the world of Bladerunner in my opinion. It has it’s issued to be sure and the Robot angle is definitely something different.

I also enjoy the fact that there is a wasteland just outside the city and that these megacities are barely holding on.  It’s also very interesting that the main character isn’t a cop or detective or badass in any way. He is just an insurance adjuster who is having a very bad couple of days.

All too often we are given a character that can best any situation, and win any fight. That is not the case with this movie and I appreciate it.

Bladerunner (1982)


Bladerunner (1982)

Cyberpunk Percentage = 100%

My Rating – 6/10

Streamable? – Not currently

Well, there isn’t much to say about Bladerunner that hasn’t already been said. So all I have to give you is my personal opinion on the film. I for one have very mixed feelings on it. I love a lot of it, the cinematography, the soundtrack the concepts and plot. What I don’t like it the progression. To me, it feels labored and slow paced. The ending also feels in many ways anticlimactic.

My takeaway from Bladerunner is that it is a great starting point, it creates a feeling a sense of noir out of the ether of futuristic science fiction and that is something that we all need to applaud and appreciate.


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